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How to clean a memory foam pillows

Memory foam pillows are one of the indispensable accessories on your bed. It works to support you to get a night's sleep, but also have important therapeutic effects and prevention of diseases of the neck, shoulders, and head. In this article, we will teach you how to clean the memory foam pillow easily. Before you can start to clean the knee, you need to prepare the necessary materials such as glass cleaner water, clean water, towel , aerosols, etc.

Cleaning Process: Cleaning process is quite simple and seems alike to dusting the bedroom with some vacuum pump or specific machine. However, you have to follow the given steps for cleaning memory foam mattress or pillow.
  1. You have to vacuum the pillows completely from upper to bottom surfaces with softer brush.
  2. Now put the memory foam pillow on a bathtub or beside some water supply tank on a tarp in the balanced form
  3. Prepare a cleaning product by mixing 1 part of Woolite and 2 part of water
  4. Now shake this mixture well and confirm it is mixed completely
  5. Apply this solution to every part of the pillow nicely
  6. Let the pillow stay for 30 minutes
  7. In next, you have to cleanse the pillow with water.
  8. For squeezing, you have to fold and press the pillow for water release.
  9. Empty the bottle and now prepare another solution of vinegar 1 part and 4 part of the water
  10. Spray down this new mixture or solution to pillows comprehensively
  11. Clean it again with shower head and let it dry
  12. Use hair dryer or fan to make the pillow completely dry
Removing Stains: Blemishes may also be removed easily by using some detergents, light chemicals and other homemade products. In fact, it is the same process as to cleanse the memory foam pillow by vinegar solution. Now, many best performing and reliable solutions are available in markets for complete removal of stains in pillows by a spraying process.

Odor Removing: Many cleaning products based on Citrus can be used for odor removing. These brands are available in powder which you can mix with distilled water to prepare a solution. Now, you have to apply it on pillow thoroughly that will remove odor completely and fast.

Additional Guidelines: Basically, you can use the memory foam pillow as long as you want by rotating its surfaces after every 6 month period. Secondly, you should never take meal or tea and coffee on the bed. Finally you must clean and remove the dust from the bed regularly.

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